業務拡充に伴い、Maya/Max 3Dデザイナー、AfterEffects編集者、Unity3Dエンジニアを大量募集中!

業務拡充に伴い、Maya/Max 3Dデザイナー、AfterEffects編集者、Unity3Dエンジニアを大量募集中です。
主な業務は、アミューズメント画像作成、AEコンポジット作業、Visual Effects作成、Unity3Dを用いたiPhone/Androidアプリ開発、になります。

Looking for Maya,Max 3D artists, AfteeFffects compositors and Unity3D developers for Japanese market.

□Who we are?
We are a 3D contents developer, based in Japan. All work is done in English and our 3D contents(movie, game, app, slot movie, pachinko movie) are built for the world -especially for Japan.
We have many projects where we need Unity3D developers with geme and movie background. Developer should have experience using Maya, Max , AfterEffects and Unity3D.

You can join our projects from everywhere in the world using e-mail, skype , and a little English.

If you want to learn Japanese art skill, we will invite you to Japan!

□Requirement for Maya,Max 3D artists
– 1+ years of experience with Maya, Max, photoshop
– Excellent understanding of making Japanese Anime charactor

□Requirement for AfterEffects compositors
– 1+ years of experience with AfterEffects, trapcode plugin
– Excellent understanding of making visual effects, particle system, trapcode plugin

□Requirement for Unity3D developers
– 1+ years of experience with Unity3D, iOS SDK, iPhone/iPad development,
Objective-C, C, C++, and Xcode IDE
– Excellent understanding of iOS User Interface Guidelines

□Requirement for all
– Good Communication skills in e-mail and skype in little bit English or Japanese.
– You can join in our project from everywhere(home , cafe , and our Labo). You always don’t need to come to our office.
– We recomend such a new free workstyles as co-working , freelance and some kind of entrepreneur; person who wants to start a new business with us.

Pay $500-$2,000 depending on project.

Please send us your skill sheet ,resume and portfolio.

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